Suit Hire Guilford

Guildford is located in the south east of England and is the county town of Surrey. The town is rich in history and heritage with a cathedral that dominates the skyline, a vibrant market with bustling modern shops make up the centre and attract residents and visitors from further afield. Being a town well adjusted to modern life in the UK, it is important that the town has a strong market for suit hire. Guildford host many formal events that require formal clothing and whether it is a wedding, funeral, corporate function or school prom, have a healthy collection of suit hire shops is important to residents. For the millions of people that will require a suit no more than once or twice a year, having the option to hire is essential. Buying a formal suit can easily cost a few hundred pounds and is generally worn once and left in the wardrobe, probably to never see the light of day again. Hiring gives a person the chance to purchase a suit ideal for the particular event and then return it when no longer required, this same step can be repeated as and when an occasion arises.

For diverse suit hire, Guildford is an ideal location; some will argue that it is the leading town in the county for hire services and although there is not a massive amount of shops, the quality and selection provided certainly appeals to many people.

Harrington Hire

The independent company of Harrington Hire was established in the year 2000 and in the eleven years since has become a leading suit hire supplier in the county of Surrey. As far as reputations go, Harrington Hire can claim to have one of the best; this is thanks to providing excellent suit hire as-well as a very personal and professional service. Suits that are provided are all of the highest quality and come in styles ranging from the classic to the contemporary, suitable for weddings and evening events alike. All stock is also located on site which is of tremendous benefit to the customer.

Anthony Hire Wear

Located in the town of Godalming, just 4 miles south west of Guildford, Anthony Hire Wear are an independent business specialising in occasion suit hire. Guildford being so close to Godalming benefits customers in the area who can choose from a wide array of formal wear for every kind of event. Occasions catered to include:
  • Weddings
  • Evening dinners
  • Civil partnerships
  • Balls (summer and winter)
  • Garden parties

Simon James

Simon James is a newcomer to the industry and is already proving to be a success in the town of Woking and the wider county of Surrey for diverse suit hire. Guildford is just a short five mile journey from Woking, making it an ideal option for people of the county town. Simon James specialise in formal and wedding wear and are able to provide customers with a wide variety of differently styled suits for events from Royal Ascot to student proms.

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