Suit Hire Leamington Spa

The Warwickshire spa town of Leamington Spa is a popular destination with both residents and tourists and is a hub of activity throughout the year. The town offers an abundance of places to see and visit and is full of pubs, restaurants, bars and cafés as well as having several highly regarded tourist attractions including the Royal Pump Rooms and Baths, Art Gallery and Museum. Being a Royal town also makes Leamington Spa a popular destination for formal events to take place, particularly weddings; this requires the town to have access to services in suit hire. Leamington Spa has various establishments that cater regularly to different kinds of formal events, the elegant venues of Victoria House and Mallory Court play host to various occasions from black-tie dinners to seminars in traditional surroundings and modern buildings such as the Holiday Inn are able to cover every aspect of weddings.

There are a number of companies that offer suit hire in Leamington Spa and the wider central Warwickshire area is also very prosperous.

The Wedding Barn

The Wedding Barn in the heart of town is the one-stop shop for all wedding needs and covering all aspects of the big day, one of these being suit hire. Leamington Spa being a popular wedding location means that the quality of suit hire must match that of the venues, Daniel John Menswear is able to oblige. The small family run business is part of The Wedding Barn and provides the discerning groom with a wide variety of options in Prince Edward jackets, tails and frock coats and a fine of collection of waistcoats, neckwear and other accessories to complement every outfit. As a small and independent company, Daniel John is able to offer unique suit collections and provide a personal service that competitors cannot. Each customer is given all the help and advice needed to ensure an outfit if fitting of the big day.

Nigel James

Based in Coventry, Nigel James is a highly regarded provider of suit hire. Leamington Spa is around eight miles from the company’s showroom and contained within is a collection of quality suits chosen from the best designers in morning and evening wear. Tailcoats, frock coats, Edward jackets and lounge suits are all available in sizes for adults and children with accessories to provide each customer with the perfect and complete look. Having been established since 1989 also allows Nigel James to provide a customer experience given with the friendliness and professionalism expected of a company with such experience.

Mark Andrew

Also located in the city of Coventry is Mark Andrew, a company offering various solutions in suit hire. Leamington Spa’s residents can be supplied with various choices of suit and over 40 differently designed waistcoats. Suits are also available for page boys in tailcoats, frockcoats and Prince Edward styles with accessories to match. Mark Andrew is also able to offer a made-to-order service in designer silk waistcoats and neckwear for a unique look at a big occasion.

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