Suit Hire Newport

The small city of Newport in the south east region of Wales is home to around 140,000 people, and as with many other modern cities there is a strong market for suit hire. Newport contains many rural areas that surround the built up centre of the city and is visited by many tourists from across the UK; it is also home to many of Wales’ best landmarks including the Transporter Bridge, The Newport Wave and the Art Deco Newport Civic Centre. There are numerous formal events that are held throughout the year in Newport although like many others across the UK, the city’s men will generally only attend a couple such events. This is what makes suit hire so beneficial. Buying a suit that is likely to be used no more than twice in a year does not make sense, those that do choose to buy run the risk of the suit not being appropriate for any other formal occasion and therefore left to collect dust in a wardrobe after being worn only once. Hiring means turning up to an event in a suit that is modern and stylish as well as in keeping with the etiquette.

For varied choice in suit hire, Newport is as good as anywhere in the UK and although the city many not have as many hire shops as neighbouring Welsh cities, Cardiff and Swansea, the ones that it does have certainly have the facilities to cater to all adults and children.

Formal Affair

The name Formal Affair is known through the East of Wales and the English Midlands as a leading provider of suit hire. Newport is home to one of the companies 15 branches and like the others is able to offer an unrivalled collection of suits and accessories for men and boys. With 80 different styles of suit in sizes from 20” through to 62”, 84 designs of waistcoat and over 100 variations of neckwear, Formal Affair certainly fits the bill for the people of Newport. The company are also specialists in civil and overseas weddings and offer a home delivery and collection service for all customers.

Dyfed Menswear

Located up the road from Formal Affair is Dyfed Menswear a business specialising in wedding, evening and formal suit hire. Newport is one of four shops that the company has across Wales and each one offers an outstanding range of traditional and contemporary suits and accessories in a mass range of styles and colours to complement the colour scheme of any occasion. Various colours of suit include:
  • Coffee and cream
  • Green collection
  • Black collection
  • Navy collection
There is also a collection dedicated to highland wear for a traditional Scottish ceremony. Customers visiting the Dyfed Menswear shop in Newport will find relaxed surroundings and friendly, knowledgeable staff that are on hand to cater to each individual requirement down to the finest detail. Prices are competitive across all ranges and those that book now will be eligible for a prize freeze for reduced rates.

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