Suit Hire North London

The area of North London is one of the most densely populated in the UK. Divided from the south of the capital by the River Thames, North London is made up of many boroughs designated as inner and outer London boroughs. Being part of the capital city and home to the City of London, Westminster, Chelsea and Kensington, one thing that is easy to find is suit hire. North London hosts more formal events than anywhere in the country and having good suit hire options is essential. Whether you are attending a royal party, corporate function, black-tie dinner or getting married in the capital, being able to choose a suit that matches the etiquette of the event is beneficial.

Many formal occasions require a different kind of suit and with so many different events going on, it is not always possible to buy on suit for every eventuality, hiring solves the problem. If one weekend you are attending a wedding and the next a funeral, different suits will be required, hiring allows you to find the right suit for the particular event so that you never look out of place.

Suit hire for weddings

In terms of finding suit hire, North London is arguably the best place in the whole of the UK, boroughs are close to one another and getting around is made easy via public transport. Although finding suit hire is straight forward, it is important to choose the right suit for the occasion. Wedding wear is different to evening wear and the two types are only suited to their particular occasions.

There are numerous different types of wedding suit available, tailcoats, frock coats, Prince Edward jackets and lounge suits are all popular choices. The majority of suit hire shops in the North London area will provide all of these suits in a range of colours designed to match the theme of any ceremony. Green, cream, navy, black, brown and grey are the most widely stocked colours.

The accessories are also an important part of any suit hire. North London’s shops will differ in the diversity of their accessory collections and a shop that can provide a making up service is beneficial to those looking for a particular colour in neckwear and waistcoats. Wedding suit accessories will differ from evening wear accessories and are much more expressive in colour, items include:
  • Neckwear (bow-tie, cravat, tie)
  • Shirt (look for companies that provide a new shirt with hire)
  • Cufflinks
  • Handkerchief
  • Waistcoat
  • Shoes
  • Top hat (worn with tails)

Evening wear suits

Evening wear is reserved for formal occasions such as proms, banquets, balls, cruise ships and black and white-tie events. For these events lounge suits, dinner jackets and tuxedos are the most popular choice of suit hire. North London has a large number of shops that can provide each of these suits. Unlike wedding suits, evening wear is limited in colour to black and white. The most common look is black suit and accessories with a white shirt, white jackets and neckwear can be added for white-tie dinners.

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