Suit Hire North Wales

The region of North Wales is a popular destination for tourists’ as well as the people that live in the area. The largely rural landscapes offer numerous things for people to do and from the castles of Conwy and Caernarfon to the mountains of Snowdonia and the culture and shopping in Wrexham, North Wales is a haven of activity. With an abundance of picturesque countryside and small beautiful villages, North Wales is also a popular place for couples from far and wide to get married. There are many hotels, country manors and listed churches that can provide facilities to brides and grooms, with the fantastic surroundings providing the backdrop.

As well as weddings making up a portion of the economy other formal events are regularly held. School proms, funerals and memorial occasions are all frequent and each share something in common with weddings; suit hire. North Wales has a number of options for suit hire services and there are various companies spread right across the region. Although the north is not as well catered to as the south there are still companies providing hire for all occasions. Those in search of suit hire in the region will be best served by looking towards the east and the larger, more populated boroughs of Wrexham and Deeside. Resort towns of Rhyl and Llandudno also have healthy but small markets. The choice of suit hire one makes will often be determined by the event or occasion they are attending. Wedding, morning and evening wear are all different in terms of look and design, knowing the type of suit you require will help to narrow down a search in a region that is vast.

Types of suits

For diversity in suit hire, North Wales has shops that can meet the needs of every gentleman without them having to travel outside of the region. The most common types of suit are divided into different categories these include:
  • Wedding wear
  • Morning wear
  • Evening wear
Wedding wear is the most varied and offers the widest selection of choice in both suit and accessories. Suits vary in cut, fabric and colour the popular of these are:
  • Lounge suit
  • Prince Edward suit
  • Frock coat
  • Tail coat
Wedding suits are the most popular of all; all of the hire companies in North Wales will stock suits for the discerning groom and all will offer them in all varieties.

Morning wear is not as popular as wedding wear and is not as varied; it is, however, stocked by most offering suit hire. North Wales’ suppliers of morning wear will generally offer the traditional grey and black tailcoats, popular at royal events and garden parties.

Evening wear is very popular and not far behind wedding wear in terms of numbers in suit hire. North Wales is like much of the UK in that school proms and other formal events are regular. Dinner jackets, tuxedos and lounge suits are stocked in large numbers and every company offering suit hire should offer all varieties and sizes for men and boys.

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