Suit Hire Oxford

Oxford is a city in the South East of England and in the county of Oxfordshire, it is probably best known to most people as the home of the world-famous Oxford University. The city is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the UK and visitors flock from around the globe to sample some great historical landmarks, beautiful canals and modern shopping centres. Oxford is also renowned for its science and technology and museums, which are also popular with both residents and tourists. The city is one that plays host to formal events, weddings, corporate functions. Proms and graduations happen regularly meaning one particular service is kept is constantly in demand; suit hire. Oxford is required to have a diverse selection of suit hire shops to meet the demand of the city’s residents and visitors who attend formal events at numerous points in the year. Fortunately, it can do this and provide something to match the requirements of every individual.

Shepherd and Woodward

Situated on the High Street in the centre of the city, Shepherd and Woodward are one of the city’s premier providers of formal occasion suit hire. Oxford being such a diverse city means companies need to be able to offer a wide selection of suits; this is something Shepherd, and Woodward is able to do. Both morning and evening wear are available in a range of different styles, colours and fabrics with a vast array of accessories from top hats to neck wear available to complete a look. Morning suits prices start at just £39.99 and evening wear is available from £46.99 with accessories included. Wedding parties can also receive further reductions with one free suit provided when four or more suits are hired for the big day.

Walters of Oxford

As the official outfitters of Oxford University, Walters are a specialist in the arrangement of formal suit hire. Oxford University students’ as-well as residents of the city can choose from a range of suits perfect for occasions from weddings to evening dinner parties, there is also a full range of masonic wear available. Walters offers all customers a free consultation which will ensure each individual can relax in the knowledge that their chosen suit will be one that matches their personal taste and looks and feels good.  Free delivery and collection are available for customers within a 10-mile radius of the company’s branch, and suits are subject to regular discounted offers.

The Ballroom Oxford

The Ballroom Oxford is located in the heart of the city, and since 1984 has provided the gentlemen of the city with all manner of formal suit hire. Oxford is always in need of hire providers that can offer a diverse blend of formal outfits and from big days to special nights, The Ballroom is able to cater to all individuals. Black-tie, white-tie and morning dress are all provided and the help and knowledge of friendly and experienced staff is always on hand to ensure each customer matches the required etiquette of a particular event.

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