Suit Hire Scotland

Suit hire in the UK is big business and Scotland has a large part of the market, offering various types of formal wear to customers throughout the country. Cities and towns across the country, from the capital of Edinburgh to the Shetland Islands are able to offer solutions to anyone in need of occasion suit hire. Scotland is a country where formal events are a daily occurrence, whether it is a corporate function in Glasgow, wedding at Gretna Green or graduation at the University of Aberdeen, suit hire is always required.

Being able to hire a suit is an excellent alternative to buying and provides men that only attend formal occasions once or twice a year with an outfit to match the etiquette of the event. Not all suits are appropriate for every occasion and the event you are attending will determine the type of suit you should look to hire. There is no shortage of variety in suit hire; Scotland will have some hire shops that specialise in wedding wear and others that focus more on evening wear. Fortunately for customers search for a particular suit, most shops will provide solutions in all kinds of menswear.

Types of suit

When searching for suit hire, you are likely to notice companies offering different types of “wear”, for instance morning wear, evening wear, wedding wear, highland wear, formal wear. Each of these terms is used to group suits and not related to one particular cut of suit. Wedding wear does not describe on type of suit and there are numerous variations that a groom can choose from.
Common types of wedding suit include:
  • Tailcoats- this kind of suit is commonly referred to as top hat and tails or morning wear and consists of a coat which is cut-away at the front, leaving tails at the back.
  • Prince Edward- This type of jacket is favoured at contemporary ceremonies and is a tailored 3/4 length. Frock coats are also similar although are slightly longer and more fitted with no buttons.
  • Lounge suit- this suit is the most popular formal outfit for all occasions and comes in various colours and styles.

Evening Wear

Evening wear is also very popular and is used at events such as banquets, balls, on cruise ships, black-tie dinners and at school proms. The most popular form of evening wear is once again the lounge suit. This commonly consists of a single-breasted jacket and matching trousers and is offered by most shops providing suit hire. Scotland’s hire suppliers may also regularly offer tuxedos as a popular form of suit for evening events, the outfit is very similar to the lounge suit in style although a jacket will have satin lapels and trousers a satin stripe. Accessories are used to complete the evening look.

Highland Wear

Highland wear is another popular form of suit hire; Scotland is home to the kilt and combining it with a tweed formal coat, waistcoat, white shirt, bow-tie, sporran and chain strap, socks, Sgian Dubh and kilt pin will give the traditional highland look.

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