Suit Hire Southampton

Southampton sits of the south coast of England and is the largest city in the county of Hampshire; it is also the area’s best location to find suit hire. Southampton and the landmarks and venues within it play host to countless formal events each year; whether it is a school prom, corporate function, country manor wedding or black-tie dinner, there is always something going on in the city. The option of suit hire gives people that require a suit as a short-term measure to choose from a wide range of different outfits perfectly in keeping with the etiquette of a particular occasion.  

Southampton has a range of companies that will ensure that nothing is left to chance when a suit is required.  


Grooms are a company that can boost one of the best ranges available in terms of formal suit hire. Southampton based. Grooms have over 20 years’ experience in providing gentlemen with outfits perfectly suited to weddings and other formal occasions. By stocking the best possible quality suits and pricing them competitively, the company has developed a reputation as a leading provider in the county of Hampshire. The small business with a big reputation label that the company is given has been proven with a regular client base consisting of numerous celebrities, politicians and sports stars. With a choice of forty different outfits and accessories to match, customers are sure to find everything needed whatever the event.

Charles Gale Clothing

With locations throughout Hampshire, Charles Gale is the ideal solution for suit hire. Southampton is central to the company's operation, and men are able to choose from a wide variety of different suits that can be applied to any number of formal occasions. With a fantastic range of suits, waistcoats and accessories, customers are able to build an outfit in a colour, style and fabric that matches their personal preference. Anyone having difficulty in deciding on a suit can rely on the help of the superior knowledge and advice from all staff. Suits are available in chest sizes ranging from 20” to 60” and on-site tailoring will ensure the perfect fit. Appointments are not needed, and customers are encouraged to drop in whenever they choose and enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Cloud Nine

As a specialist in bride and groom wedding wear, Cloud Nine is located in the Locks Heath area of Southampton. Offering a superb selection of classic and contemporary suits for weddings, Cloud Nine has a reputation for friendliness and professionalism that regularly attracts customers from the wider Hampshire region. Aside from wedding wear, the company is also a leading provider of formal suits for evening and dinner wear perfect for proms, balls, banquets and corporate events. A full range of accessories are also offered with various colours to match the colour scheme of a particular occasion. Chest sizes range from 22” to 54” and head to toe package hire can be arranged for any suit inclusive of every item needed and at a discounted rate.

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