Suit Hire West London

The sub-region of West London in England’s capital city is arguably the best place in the UK for suit hire. West London is one of the most active places for formal events to take place and the each of the borough’s (Kensington, Chelsea, Ealing, Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hounslow, Hillingdon) host regular formal events throughout the year. From white and black-tie dinners and garden parties in the wealthy areas of Kensington to traditional weddings in the Irish communities of Ealing, suit hire is always needed.

Hiring a suit is the preferred option for the many people that only require a suit for formal occasions. The cost of living in one of the UK’s most exclusive regions is very high; this also affects the price of suits. Buying a tailored suit can easily amount to hundreds if not thousands of pounds and for an outfit that is only to be worn as one-off, money is better spent elsewhere. Hiring a suit provides gentlemen with the perfect outfit for the specific occasion in a tailored fit and for less than a hundred pounds. In terms of finding suit hire, West London is like much of the capital. Each borough is within close proximity of the other and public transport makes getting around easy.

Types of suit available in West London

As a leading area for suit hire, West London can provide the potential customer with everything needed for a big event. Weddings, banquets, cruises, proms, balls and royal events are all popular with the residents and the hotels of the area also welcome international celebrities and guests that require suit hire while in town for various reasons. Every supplier offering suit hire in the region will offer suits in the following categories:
  • Wedding wear
  • Morning wear
  • Evening wear
  • Highland wear
  • Asian wear
The five categories of suit hire are each very diverse and offer vast collections with numerous designs and sizes available. The most popular types of wedding suit include:
  • Lounge suit
  • Frock coat
  • Tail coat
  • Prince Edward
Wedding wear is the most expansive and many different colours are available for both suit and accessories. Highland, Asian and morning wear are also popular with weddings and used at traditional events. Morning wear is also very popular in West London, garden parties and royal events such as Royal Ascot require morning wear as part of the etiquette and are attended by many people in the wealthy region. Morning wear consists of a grey or black tailcoat, with formal trousers, accessories and the addition of a top hat.

Evening wear is used at various occasions and is popular with people in the area. Common evening wear, consists of a lounge suit, dinner jacket or tuxedo, commonly in black or for white-tie events, a white jacket can be included. Of all the different types of suit hire, West London’s suppliers will offer evening wear at the cheapest prices. Opting for package hire is recommended when hiring an evening suit and will come inclusive of everything needed for the particular occasion.

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