Suit Hire Weddings

When it comes to the different types of occasions that are catered to with suit hire, weddings are the most important. Every suit hire company in the UK offers wedding suits and they are often the biggest seller, some companies specialise in only outfits for the big day such is the strength of the market. Choosing a suit for your wedding is arguably the biggest choice of suit you will ever make. Looking your best is not only essential for you, but for your bride, the guests and the photographer whose photos will live on long after the day has passed. There are numerous options available to you when choosing a wedding suit and although the final decision will ultimately rest with the groom; it is wise to seek help and advice from friends and family when making the decision.

Types of suits for weddings

As the ceremony is your day, there is no specific guideline on what choice should be made for suit hire. Weddings are planned by you, and you are free to wear whatever suit you choose; however, choosing a traditional look is generally the best option.

There are dozens of different kinds of suits available for weddings, colours, styles and fabrics are aplenty, and you are certain to find something that takes your fancy. It is advisable to visit a few different hire shops both on the high street and online before making a final decision. Wedding outfits vary dramatically in price, and some research will help you to find the best deals. The most popular suits for weddings are:
  • Tailcoats
  • Lounge suits
  • Prince Edward coats
All three options are classic, traditional and certain never to go out of style. The tailcoat is also known morning dress and is worn to very formal weddings. The coat will be available in a number of different colours, although grey and black are by far the most popular. Tailcoats will be worn with formal trousers, a white shirt with tie or cravat (depending on personal choice), waistcoat and black formal laced shoes. Many people also choose to include a top hat with the suit for a traditional look.

Lounge suits are probably the most popular of all when it comes to suit hire. Weddings of all kinds will be suited the lounge suit, and it is available in many different fabrics and colours. When choosing this kind of suit, or any, for that matter, it is recommended that you for a brighter colour for a summer ceremony and a darker option in the winter. The suit fabric may also be determined on the time of year the wedding is held. Warmer weather will be best suited by a linen or cotton suit while cold climates will benefit from a herringbone or wool suit.

The Prince Edward coat is fast becoming the modern groom’s preferred choice of suit hire. Weddings that are traditional but contemporary will be ideal for this three-quarter length jacket with matching formal trousers. Similar to the lounge suit, the Prince Edward will be available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. 

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