UK Suit Hire

There is no outfit quite like a suit for making you look and feel important and when an occasion comes that requires you to wear a suit, looking at your best is essential. UK suit hire is among the best in the world in terms of availability, choice and price and there are hire shops in every town and city in the country. There is also a whole host of online hire suppliers, many of which can provide delivery nationwide, meaning finding hire is never going to be a problem.  

Types of suit for hire

In the UK, suit hire gives you a selection of pretty much any type of formal and casual suit you can think of. Almost every type of suit that can be bought from a shop can also be hired, which is perfect for saving money on an outfit that is only likely to be used for a one-off occasion.  
The type of suit you choose will often depend on the kind of event or occasion you are attending. Not all suits are appropriate for every occasion, and you will the event will often require a certain type of dress code. One suit that is an exception to the rule is the lounge suit.

The lounge suit

The lounge suit is probably the most popular of all suits and comes in dozens of different colours, fabrics and sizes. This outfit will not look out of place any occasion from weddings (whether you are the groom or a guest) to black-tie dinners. A classic lounge suit consists of a single or double-breasted jacket (the former is the most popular) and matching formal trousers. The jacket can be designed for a more tailored slim-fitting design for those who want a more stylish and modern look and comes with a choice of lapels (peaked, notched, shawl) and number of buttons from one to four. The suit can be chosen in a colour that matches the event and a fabric suitable for the time of year. In UK suit hire, it is common to wear rent a suit made from a lightweight fabric such as linen for summer occasions and a heavier fabric such as wool or tweed for winter.  

The morning suit

The morning suit consists of a tailcoat worn with formal trousers and, quite often, a waist coat. This is a very formal type of dress that is suitable for weddings, black and white-tie events and royal occasions such as Royal Ascot. Morning suits are generally hired with a black or grey tailcoat, the choice of which will determine the colour scheme of the rest of the suit. A white shirt is required to be worn with a tailcoat and colour may be added by opting for a pattern waistcoat, tie or cravat and handkerchief.

The dinner jacket

Although many UK suit hire companies may call this form of dress the dinner jacket it is more commonly known as the tuxedo and can be a lounge suit or tailcoat worn with a white shirt, bow-tie and cummerbund.

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