Velvet Suit Hire

Every man who has been married will tell you just how significant choosing the right suit for your wedding day is. Of all the occasions and events that require a suit to be worn, your groom suit will be the most important. A wedding suit can come in many different styles, fabrics, colours and fashions, the outfit you opt for may seem like a good idea on the big day but may you may not feel the same way in years to come as you look back on wedding photos. It is best to keep your choice of outfit a traditional as possible albeit with a touch of contemporary; velvet suit hire is the perfect option to provide just this.

Types of velvet suit

Velvet suit hire is very popular, especially for weddings, as fabric velvet is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear it is also a heavyweight material which is perfect for autumn and winter weddings. Many different kinds of suit are available to hire in velvet and there is a good choice of colours available, common choices for weddings include:
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Purple
There is the option of pinstripe pattern, which will give a suit that extra rich look. Common style types for velvet suits will include:
  • Prince Edward
  • Lounge suit
  • Tails  
  • Nehru
Each option is excellent for weddings and the choice you make will largely depend on personal preference.

Prince Edward suit

For contemporary velvet suit hire, the Prince Edward coat is definitely the outfit of choice. The coat is similar is single-breasted and similar to the lounge jacket in the cut; the difference is the length. Prince Edward coats epitomise the classic Edwardian look, and the three-quarter length is becoming very popular with modern grooms. The suit trousers of the Prince Edward are formal and matching of the coat. A frock coat is  

Lounge suit

The lounge suit is probably the most popular of all velvet suits and is ideally suited not just to weddings but to a whole host of different occasions. The single-breasted jacket and matching formal trousers are ideal in any situation and opting for the colour black will be perfect for black-tie events, school proms and banquets.

Tail suit

The tail suit is an ultra-formal type of dress that is suited to a traditional wedding. This type of coat is cut away at the front leaving it longer at the back. It is worn with matching trousers, a white shirt, cravat and waist coat and the velvet fabric will add a touch of class to a wedding ceremony.  

Nehru suit

The Nehru suit is the perfect blend of Eastern and western suit and is very common amongst British Indians. Velvet suit hire in the Nehru style will be perfectly suited to any occasion in any colour. The Nehru is unlike the common western suit in that it comes with no collar or lapels; the suit can be chosen with or without buttons and worn with tight-fitting trousers.

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