Victorian Suit Hire

The Victorian era from 1837 to 1901 during the reign of Queen Victoria was a time when tailoring became a big part of everyday life. It is also time that gave us the origins of many of the suits worn by today's men. The outfits worn during this era are still very appealing to many and Victorian suit hire continues to prosper in different niches. Victorian suits are reserved for specific occasions and are generally not something that can be worn to a range of events. Hiring will allow you to find the perfect suit for your needs and then return it once finished with.

Fancy Dress Victorian suit hire

Victorian suits are a very popular choice of outfit in fancy dress shops, and many people opt for this type of outfit when attending a Victorian themed party of a festival. There are many fancy dress shops in the UK, both online and offline, giving you plenty of options when looking for a suitable kind of outfit. A common choice of outfit is based on the character Mr. Darcy from the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice played so memorably by Colin Firth in the television adaptation. Suit hire of this kind will often include a woollen frock coat, wool breeches and a high neck shirt ideal wear for any regency ball.

There are also festivals that are held each year in the UK that celebrate the Victorian era; one such event is the Dickensian Festival which is held in the town of Ulverston in Cumbria and requires everyone attending to dress in Victorian wear. There are various types of costume that can be worn by a male at such an event and visiting is an excellent place to find both adults and children’s suits perfect for the occasion.

Victorian wedding suit hire

Victorian suit hire has remained relevant for over 150 years and suits that were designed at the time are still being used today, albeit with a more modern and contemporary appeal. The most popular Victorian outfit is the frock coat and is a popular choice at traditional weddings.

The frock coat is a jacket that is cut just below the knee and has a sleek and stylish tailored look. It is worn with matching trousers, white shirt, cravat or tie and waistcoat and is perfect for the modern groom. There are numerous options available for the frock coat in terms of colour and fabric with coats suited to both summer and winter ceremonies. The most common colour choices are black, navy blue and grey, although cream, brown and beige are also popular. The fabric you choose for the frock coat will often depend on what time of the year the ceremony is held, summer weddings will benefit from a linen coat while winter weddings may be better off with wool.

Victorian suit hire for frock coats is provided by almost all wedding suit hire suppliers, although you may need to check for availability of children’s sizes for page boys and ushers.

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