Wedding Groom Suit Hire

Your wedding suit is the most important suit you will ever wear; those grooms who think they can get away without putting any planning or thought into a suit because of all eyes being on the bride are wrong. The suit you choose will not only be worn by you but also by the best man, fathers of the bride and groom, ushers and page boys, it will be under constant scrutiny from all the guests and remain a permanent fixture in your life through wedding photos. As the wedding groom, suit hire should be the preferred option. A wedding suit is only used on a one-off occasion, and buying can be expensive, especially when there are countless other costs to factor into the planning process.  

Wedding suit hire

The final decision on which kind of outfit to wear on the big day will ultimately be decided by the wedding groom; suit hire, however, can be tricky and you should ensure that you get help in making your decision. When hiring, you will either have the choice to do so online, in a shop on the high street or through a mobile service. All three options have their benefits, and it will depend on what you need from your suit hire as to which you choose.

Hiring a suit online

Hiring online is the most convenient option; it is also good for hiring a suit at short notice. The benefits of internet suit hire when compared to hiring from a shop are mostly surrounding the ability to order a suit at any time of the day and night and have that suit delivered to your door the very next day. Finding the time to go to a hire shop and order a suit is what most people struggle, people have work life, family life and wedding planning to juggle and there are often not enough hours in the day to go out and look for suits. Shopping online means being able to find all kinds of suits in one place, and with the popularity of smart phones and tablet PC’s, finding a wedding suit can be done on the move.

Hiring a suit from a shop

Hiring a suit from a shop is the most traditional and still the most common method used by the wedding groom. Suit hire for an event such as a wedding will mean choosing from dozens of different suits. Many people like to decide having seen the different styles and fabrics first hand and tried-on shortlisted outfits. Hiring from a shop will also allow you to have a suit tailored to fit perfectly.

Mobile suit hire service

A mobile service is the least popular option of the three although does provide the best aspects of the other two options. Convenience and the chance to have a suit tailored are two big factors for a wedding groom; suit hire with a mobile service provides both. This method involves a person coming to your home with a brochure and suit samples for you to choose from. You can then be measured for the suit and have it delivered to your home once the finished article is ready.

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