Wedding Men

Choosing an outfit as the groom can be the most difficult part of planning a wedding. Men’s suit hire is a vast market of different styles, fabrics, colours, patterns and sizes, and you can often get lost in the sheer number of options. Your wedding day is about you and your bride, what you wear will be decided by you and no one else, there is not a rule book or guideline to say what must be worn at a wedding but something classic and formal is recommended. Some grooms will opt for a suit that is fashionable at the time only to look back in disgust in years to come. This is why sticking with something traditional with a contemporary feel is the way to go.  

General tips for suit hire

The type of suit you choose can be influenced by the month of the wedding. Men’s suit hire is available in a wide array of colours and fabrics. The decision of both colour and fabric can be helped by the season in which the wedding is to be held. Summer's weddings can expect a warmer climate, in these instances it will be beneficial to opt for a material that will keep you cool in the warm weather. Either a linen or cotton suit will be ideal; both textiles are lightweight and cool to the touch. Both are also absorbent and good at conducting heat, which is good for heavy sweating a condition most grooms will suffer from on a wedding day! The colour of the suit should also be something bright, greys, creams and beiges are good options.

Weddings that are held in autumn and winter will favour a darker colour such as black, charcoal, navy or brown. The suit will also need to be made from a fabric that provides good insulation in the cold weather. Wool, tweed and velvet are all good choices and will provide excellent warmth.

Finding discounts

Cost is a major factor in the planning of a wedding. Men’s suit hire can be expensive, especially if you are footing the bill for other suits besides your own. At most traditional weddings, all male members of the wedding party will wear matching suits, aside from the groom this will include:
  • Best man
  • Fathers of the bride and groom
  • Ushers
  • Page boys
By ordering these suits at the same time you will often be eligible for discount of some sort. Although not all companies will offer a discount most do in the hope of increasing custom. This discount could be 10% of the total order or getting the groom’s suit free by ordering four or more outfits. If members of the male wedding party of paying for the hire of their own suits, getting the grooms for free can lead to a tidy saving on your wedding. Men’s suit hire companies may also provide discounts for students and members of the armed forces, which will see up to 25% saved on individual suit hire.

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