Wedding Suit Hire Costs

Anyone who has planned or is planning a wedding will tell just how much everything costs and how difficult the planning is to budget. Wedding suit hire costs play a big part in the overall budget, at the same time. The suit is an essential part of the day and fair sum of money should be kept aside for finding the perfect outfit.  

Types of wedding suit

Wedding suit hire costs depends on a number of different factors and because of this there is no definitive answer that can be given as to the overall price of a suit. Factors include:
  • Choice of hire shop
  • Style of suit
  • Fabric of suit
  • Amount of suits
There are hundreds of hire shops in the UK; shops can be found in town and city centres up and down the country and there are many online retailers who also specialise in suits for all occasions. The sheer number of companies means that prices differ significantly depending on the company; however, suit hire is an extremely competitive market which means that means that companies often undercut each other and there are good prices to be found. It is important to shop around to find the best deals before making a final decision.

Wedding suit hire costs will also be affected by the style and fabric of the suit you use. There are many different types of suit that will be suitable for your wedding; suit will cost more than others. Some of the common wedding suits include:
  • Lounge suits
  • Morning suits
  • Nehru suits
  • Edwardian suits
  • Frock suits
Each type of suit that you choose will also be available in a range of different fabrics; some textiles are regarded as higher value than others. Choosing fabrics such as cotton and linen will save you money compared to fine wool, velvet and tweed, although you may want to base your decision on fabrics around the time of the year the wedding is to be held. Linen is a highly absorbent material and is also a good conductor of heat, which will be perfect for summer weather. Choosing wool or tweed will be better suited to winter wedding's thanks to their insulating properties.

Accessories with suit hire

Accessories are a major part of any suit hire, particularly so for weddings. As well as the suit you will also need to include a waistcoat, shirt, tie or cravat, handkerchief or pocket square and cufflinks. It is possible to purchase these items separately as extras on top of suit hire or opt for the suit hire as a package. The package hire will prove more cost friendly than hiring items individually and means you will have everything needed for the big day.

Non-suit prices

You will also need to consider factors when working out wedding suit hire costs. Dry cleaning, delivery and insurance will all cost a small fee. You many also have to pay for a tailoring service from the hire company, although, for the most part, this is provided free of charge.

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