Wedding Suit Hire UK

Choosing a wedding suit may just be the biggest choice of suit you will ever make. The suit that you wear on this day will stay with you long after the ceremony has ended, not only in memory but in photographs taken on the day. Do you opt for a modern suit or stay with something traditional? Do you opt for a tailcoat or a lounge suit? Do you buy or hire? These decisions will be important and making the correct ones is essential. The easiest of these questions to answer is the last one - hiring is a much better option than buying. Buying a suit can be expensive, and for a suit that will only be worn once, paying hundreds of pounds cannot be justified. For wedding suit hire, UK retailers have numerous different styles of suit in dozens of colours, and hiring will mean you finding something that matches your style regardless of taste.

Types of wedding suit

If you are looking for a wide variety of choice, then you will be well served by wedding suit hire. UK hire shops will all be able to supply numerous wedding suits to customers in all kinds of colours, sizes and styles. The choice you make will be down to your personal preferences but with such a vast amount of different suits available it can be wise to seek help and advice from friends and family before making a decision. Commonly hired wedding suits include:
  • Lounge suits
  • Morning suits
  • Edwardian suits
  • Frock coats
  • Highland wear  
  • Nehru suits
The theme of the wedding and the time of the year of the ceremony are held will often be factors in the choice of wedding suit hire. UK weddings are held throughout the year, and the season may influence the fabric and colour of your suit, although it will not make too much difference to the type of suit you opt for. A summer wedding and a warm climate will be better served with a lightweight fabric. Linen and cotton suits are excellent materials for conducting heat and providing moisture resistance. This will be excellent to prevent sweating. Many grooms will also opt for a lighter colour in summer ceremonies, grey, cream and beige are common choices.

A winter wedding will obviously benefit more from a suit with a warmer fabric; good choices for providing insulation will be wool and tweed. A darker colour will be more favourable, black, navy blue and charcoal are common choices.

Hiring a suit

When choosing wedding suit hire, UK retailers are available both on the high street and online. Choosing a hire shop on the high street will allow you to feel and try on suits to see how they look against your skin tone and build. It will also allow you have a suit tailored to fit perfectly. Online hire will be the best option if you are unable to find the time to visit a shop, it may also prove to be cheaper.  

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