Wedding Suit Hire Bristol

For a man, the work really ends once they have proposed.  At best, they will have picked an engagement ring themselves, although more and more often men propose and then take their fiancées shopping for the ring.  And women can’t really complain about this, because then they will at least be sure to have the engagement ring that they want.  For women, however, a wedding day means years of planning.  Men often wonder why they can’t simply get married a week or two after the proposal, but they simply have no idea about the amount of things that need to be sorted out and booked.

What is Wedding Suit Hire Bristol?

One of the things on the endless list of things to do for the wedding day is the wedding suit.  Of course, not only the groom will wear a suit.  The father of the bride and the father of groom will need to wear one, as well as the best man and the pageboys and every other male that plays a pivotal part in the ceremony.  However, wedding suits have less of a sentimental value than the wedding dress and many brides are happy to opt for wedding suit hire, potentially saving themselves a lot of money.

Where Can I Find Wedding Suit Hire in Bristol?

There is a range of companies offering wedding suit hire in Bristol, ranging from the most classical top hat and tails to traditional Scottish kilts or Indian dress.  Some of these companies include:
  • Tux Tails
  • Smart Grooms
  • Frocks and Tails

Estimated Costs of Wedding Suit Hire in Bristol

The cost of wedding suit hire in Bristol will vary mainly depending on the type of suit you require and how many suits you are looking to hire.  Most companies will offer a discount or special deal for wedding suit hire, such as the groom’s suit for free if you hire five other suits.  You do need to remember that a deposit will be required for each suit and it can be quite hard to get this deposit back, as spillages happen during weddings, particularly during the banquet or dancing of course.  It is best to budget for this deposit and potentially be pleasantly surprised, rather than presuming that you will get the deposit back and being disappointed.

How to Find Wedding Suit Hire in Bristol

As stated earlier, there is a range of companies offering wedding suit hire in Bristol and you could consider contacting some of them.  Alternatively, you could speak to people you know who have recently got married or who know of someone who has.  They may be able to give you some great recommendations about their experience, not only saving you a lot of time but potentially also some money, as many companies will offer you a discount if you were referred by a friend.

Once your wedding suit hire in Bristol has been arranged, all you still need to do is wait for the big day to arrive.  You will be the perfect bride, outshining – of course – the perfect groom.

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