Wedding Suit Hire Edinburgh

A wedding day is an incredibly important day and everything has to go exactly as planned.  Attention needs to be paid to every single detail, from the flowers down the aisle, to the menu at the reception.  Of course, there are many other things that are needed, such as the rings, the dress, the flower arrangements, the seating arrangements, the guest list, the venue… the list is truly endless.  For a woman, this day is supposed to be magical and absolutely nothing can go wrong.

What is Wedding Suit Hire Edinburgh?

One of the things needed to make the wedding perfect is the wedding suit.  Of course, the groom will be wearing one, but so will his father, the father of the bride and of course the best man and any pageboys in the procession.  The suits have to be completely perfect as well, they need to fit well and suit the general heights and builds of the men.  They also need to match the overall theme of the wedding of course, and many people opt for a wedding suit with cultural significance, such as a Scottish kilt or an Indian wedding suit.  This can all be arranged through wedding suit hire in Edinburgh companies.

Where Can I Find Wedding Suit Hire in Edinburgh?

There are many businesses offering wedding suit hire in Edinburgh.  Of course, Edinburgh being in Scotland, many of these specialise in traditional Scottish kilts.  Some of the shops you could consider contacting are:
  • Slaters, specialising in both menswear and women’s wear, including kilts and other formal attire
  • Moss Suit Hire, a national company that also operates in Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Black Tie, who specialise in formal wear for all occasions and offer special discounts for returning customers

Estimated Costs of Wedding Suit Hire in Edinburgh

The cost of wedding suit hire in Edinburgh will vary depending firstly on the type of suit you require.  There will, of course, be price differences between the materials that are used and the general cut.  You may be looking for a Scottish kilt or for a top hat and tails, or perhaps you want a classic tuxedo or smoking for example.  You will more than likely also be required to pay for a deposit and potentially dry cleaning costs after the day.  Some people opt to hire the suit for more than one day, to give them a chance to recover from their big day first.

How to Find Wedding Suit Hire in Edinburgh

Finding a wedding suit hire in Edinburgh is very easy, as there are so many businesses that specialise in wedding suits and formal hire.  You could contact some of the shops that were mentioned here, or you could try to find a good recommendation.  It is likely that you know someone who recently got married, or perhaps there is a friend of a friend who can recommend somewhere.

As you can see, your big day can easily go off without a glitch and finding the perfect wedding suit hire in Edinburgh should not cause you any problems at all.

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