Wedding Suit Hire Exeter

A wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of any woman, and one she has probably been planning for many years, probably since well before she even got engaged.  Did you know, for example, that around 30% of women that subscribe to wedding and bridal magazines are still single?  Women like to be prepared and when it comes to something as important as a wedding they really do go all out.  It takes years of preparation to know exactly what you want and to ensure that it is all possible.

What is Wedding Suit Hire Exeter?

Another thing that women will have been thinking about is what their groom and the other men in the wedding party will look like.  Their suits need to fit in with the overall theme and style of the wedding.  The groom’s suit needs to stand out slightly from the other suits, but still remain virtually the same as that of the father of the bride, the father of the groom, the best man and the pageboys.  Of course, they must never outshine the bride though!

Where Can I Find Wedding Suit Hire in Exeter?

There is a range of shops available offering wedding suit hire in Exeter.  Some of these operate in Exeter only, but others are national companies and some companies offer a mobile service, meaning they come to you.  Some of the companies you may want to consider, for example, are:
  • Hire Wear Direct, focussing on weddings and black tie events as well as Highlands wear.  They also offer free delivery and pick up with any suit hire.
  • Jonathan Hawkes, specialising in formal menswear
  • Serenity Dreams, specialising in wedding clothing, including wedding suit hire Exeter

Estimated Costs of Wedding Suit Hire in Exeter

Wedding suit hire in Exeter costs will depend firstly on the type and material of suit you require.  You may be looking at a Scottish kilt, for example, or perhaps you prefer a James Bond style tuxedo.  It is all possible and the price will fluctuate.  Many shops actively encourage hiring several suits by offering special offers or discounts if you hire say five suits or more.

How to Find Wedding Suit Hire in Exeter

There are so many companies to choose from if you are looking for wedding suit hire in Exeter that you should not have any difficulty finding the perfect suit.  You could also decide to speak to some people you know who may have recently got married or who know someone who has.  They would be able to give you some great recommendations by sharing their experiences with you.  This not only saves you a lot of time but may potentially also save you some money as some shops will give you a discount if you have been referred by a friend.

As you can see, the most important day of a woman’s life can easily be the way she wants it to be with the perfect suit, available from a range of wedding suit hire in Exeter shops and companies.

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