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A few years ago, gay weddings (or civil partnerships) were finally legalised.  This has opened up an entire market for wedding clothing specifically designed for gay couples.  Just like with a heterosexual couple, everything has to be completely perfect.  This is a day that is not just important for the couple themselves, but also as a statement to society in an effort to make them more acceptant of diversity.

What is Wedding Suit Hire in Reading?

In gay weddings, it is possible that both parties will want to wear a suit, whether it is an all female or an all male couple.  This means that the amount of suits that are necessary for the party can become absolutely massive!  The couple will need a suit each, as will their parents, their best man or best woman, the pageboys and perhaps even the bridesmaids.  Luckily, wedding suit hire in Reading is available to ensure everybody wears the same suit, and that they fit in with the overall theme and style of the wedding itself.

Where Can I Find Wedding Suit Hire in Reading?

If you are looking for wedding suit hire in Reading, you will be happy to know that you are quite literally spoilt for choice!  Some of the businesses you could consider include:
  • Oxford Event Hire
  • Stress 3 Hire
  • Perfectly Groomed
  • Amelia Classics
  • Reading Party Hire

Estimated Cost of Wedding Suit Hire in Reading

The cost of wedding suit hire in Reading will vary mainly depending on the type of suit you require (tuxedo, smoking, Highland wear, etc.) and the quality of the material.  However, you should be able to hire a good quality suit for around £50.  Many shops offer special discounts if you hire a larger amount of suits, which can be very interesting.  Of course, you will need to pay a deposit on the suits and it may be wise to budget with the idea that you will not be refunded this deposit.  It is all too easy to spill some drinks or food on your suit and be left with a stain that won’t come off even with dry cleaning.  Also, if you do get your deposit back but had budgeted for it not being refunded, you could be very pleasantly surprised and have some money back to spend on each other!

How to Find Wedding Suit Hire in Reading

If you are looking for wedding suit hire in Reading, you could consider contacting some of the organisations listed above.  If you want to save yourself the time of having to compare all the different shops, however, you could also ask for some recommendations from friends or members of your family who may have recently got married or know of someone who has.  You may even receive a discount!

As you can see, whether you are having a gay ceremony or a heterosexual wedding, it is about love and about perfection.  Wedding suit hire in Reading can’t give you love, but they certainly can give you the perfect wedding suit, at a more than reasonable price.

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