Women's Suit Hire

Suit hire in the UK is very big business and many people assume that the market is only catered towards men. While it is true that most suit hire is aimed at males, there are also a number of options available to women. There are numerous occasions when women’s suit hire may be required and this can differ dramatically from a corporate meeting with clients to fancy dress parties. Whatever the requirement, hiring a suit certainly proves more beneficial than buying. The majority of women will not need to wear a suit daily  and buying an outfit that will often be worn no more than a couple of times is not very friendly on the finances.

Formal suits for women

The most popular form of women’s suit hire is formal wear; this will be perfect for the boardroom and corporate conferences and will allow you to look stylish and contemporary in an environment where first impressions count for a lot. As with any suit, the most important element of the formal suit for women is the jacket; these are available in many different colours, styles and fabrics. A women’s jacket will be tailored differently than a male’s and will be more fitted at the waist with the chest more open. There is a choice of a single or double-breasted jacket, although the majority of outfits are of the single-breasted variety. These will come with one, two or three buttons and a choice of lapels, with shawl, notched and peaked lapels all equally as popular.  

Women’s suit hire will be available with either trousers or a skirt; these items will be matching of the jacket in both colour and fabric. Pencil skirts and wide-leg trousers are two of the most favoured looks. A suit is mostly worn with a white formal shirt or blouse, and neck scarf and waistcoat can be added to complete a look; a waist coat will increase the cost of hire and should you require one. You should be prepared to pay the extra.

The choice of fabric for your suit will also be a large factor in your decision; if you require a suit in warmer weather then it would be wise to opt for a fabric such as linen, which is lightweight and cool. Suit hire in the winter will benefit more from a heavier fabric such as wool, which will provide more warmth.

Fancy dress suit hire

Women’s suit hire is not only about formal wear, and the fancy dress market is also very popular. Women can hire suits for all sorts of different themed parties, 70’s, 80’s and whole host of other suits and costumes can be found.

Fancy dress and formal suits will not be available from the same types of retailer, the options of hiring online or from a shop on the high street will still remain, but you will need to look specifically for fancy dress suppliers for that particular dress and the same with formal wear.

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