Formal Suit Hire Manchester

The formal suit hire industry in Manchester is quite mixed, with the city blessed with plenty of national firms but something of a limited selection when it comes to independent retailers. Bearing this in mind, there are times when supply can become limited and people are advised to book their formal suit well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Out of the few formal suit hire providers in Manchester, the following are seen as some of the most reputable in the city:
  • Swarbricks
  • Pronuptia North West
  • Aults Menswear


Swarbricks are seen as one of the big players of the formal suit hire industry in Manchester, with the company possessing over thirty years of experience. The company holds an absolutely massive selection of formal suits available for hire and customers are sure to be able to find a style that suits them. Swarbricks do not publish any prices and ask that customers book an appointment at their store on the outskirts of Manchester to arrange a fitting session.

Pronuptia North West

Pronuptia have over fifty years of experience in the formal suit hire industry and claim to be one of the most established brands in the country. Unfortunately, the company do not publish any online catalogue or prices, meaning that customers have to visit their shop to get properly fitted. However, with the store based in the M1 postcode region of the city, it is certainly conveniently placed for customers.

Aults Menswear

Even though they are not based in Manchester, many people of the city use Aults as they are still conveniently located in Bolton. The company has over 100 years of experience in the suit hire industry, making them one of the oldest in the North West. At the moment, it appears as though Aults have twelve formal suits available to hire although customers have to make an order in person, at their shop.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Manchester

Manchester is currently home to three of the UK’s national companies, with the following being examples:
  • Slaters – Slaters currently have one shop in Manchester.
  • Moss Bros – Similarly, Moss Bros also have just one branch in the region, with this situated in the hugely popular Trafford Centre.
  • Youngs Hire – Just like the previous two companies, Youngs Hire also have one outlet in Manchester and this can again be found in the Trafford Centre.

Formal Suit Hire Manchester Summary

It is clear to see that Manchester is not blessed with too many independent formal suit hire providers, although the ones that do exist have long histories and have developed extremely good reputations. Of course, one does not always have to rely on the local retailers, with several major high street brands also being situated in Manchester. For example, Slaters, Moss Bros and Youngs Hire all have stores in the city, meaning that one always has a renowned brand in locality. Bearing in mind the above, it is worth advising people to book early if they wish to hire a formal suit in Manchester.

Formal Suit Hire Manchester

With so many events occurring in Manchester, one may not be surprised to see that there is a large selection of companies offering formal suit hire. Unlike a lot of cities, there is a good balance of local and national companies operating in Manchester, meaning that consumers have the best of both worlds.

In relation to the local retailers, the following are seen as some of the most reliable providers of formal suit hire in Manchester:
  • Aults
  • Proposals
  • La Fleur Bridal


Aults are undoubtedly one of the most well-known companies operating in the Manchester area. While the firm actually operate out of Bolton, they attract a lot of custom from Manchester and this is probably related to the fact they have been in existence since 1801. The firm offer several different styles of formal suits, with customers urged to make an appointment to discuss measurements.


As the name suggests, this company primarily deal with the wedding market. However, they do offer a small selection of formal suits for men and courtesy of Cameron Ross, they are able to offer an outfit builder. It appears as though hire suits from this company are in a premium range, with all outfits costing over £100 to hire. The company allow their suits to be hired for one week, with a small charge being issued for each additional hire day.

La Fleur Bridal

Similarly to the above company, most people will assume that this company only focus on the wedding market. However, La Fleur Bridal also offer formal suit hire and have an extensive range, with Prince Edward, Tails and Frockcoat suits all being available. Furthermore, prices for La Fleur Bridal are very competitive, with formal suits costing anywhere between £55 and £80 to hire.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Manchester

As stated above, there are several big brands that operate in the Manchester area. While there is no 1860 Greenwoods outlet, all of the other major companies offering formal suit hire have a base in the city:
  • Moss Bros – One can find Moss Bros by visiting the Trafford Centre, which is where their only Manchester branch is located.
  • Youngs Hire – Similarly, Youngs Hire also have a store in the Trafford Centre. Moreover, this company also have a base in the city centre.
  • Slaters – Slaters currently have one store in the city, with this also located centrally.

Formal Suit Hire Manchester Summary

Manchester is one city which benefits from a huge amount of companies offering a formal suit hire service. The vast majority of these independent firms have existed for many years with some, such as Aults, having first started trading over one hundred years ago. Some people, for a variety of reasons, prefer not to shop with independent retailers and place their trust in a national brand. Manchester has several options for these people, with big companies such as Moss Bros, Youngs Hire and Slaters all based in the city. Furthermore, with all of these firms either in the Trafford Centre or city centre, they are all easily accessible.

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